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private inhouse mobile spa treatments
In addtion to Single or Couples In-Room Relaxation Massages while vacationing on St.Maarten | StMartin, we offer group and package deals

Relaxation Massages

We provide operational solutions to help manage stress, your health and well being, whilst helping bringing our services to you.

St Martin / st maarten on site massage service is a practical solution and is used by hotels villas , and maritime vessels as part of their health and well being strategy to address the above directly but most importantly, cost effectively.

We recruit professional, quality therapists who will address the muscle skeletal issues of your staff as well as helping to d-stress you and your staff. Our trained, experienced and fully qualified on site massage therapists will provide an instant therapeutic intervention by addressing muscular tension, knots, aches and pains in the body, helping to improve their health and well being and stress levels.

are available on demand. Call for a theraputic or sensual body to body massage, anywhere in St.Maarten/SXM

Private Customized Full Body massage options in the Privacy of your hotel room.


The Best in-room Treatments option available at all major resorts in st.martin.

Our massage prices ib st.martin start at $85.00 Per Hour for a Relaxation or Swedish massage, The advacd Sensual Masssages and Body to body treatments will be conderably higher

Call our reception for more information, to make resevation or book a massage right now.

St Maarten Massage Service | Private In-Room | Full Service Treatment and sensual massages while in about us st.maarten

Professional In-Room Service Provider for the best massages while in St Maarten/ SXM

All Treatments are Preformed By Professional Massage Therapist on St Maarten, 24 Hours A Day from the best onsite spa service.

Couples Masssage in-room treatment

St Martin massage network has male & female masseuses that are available for single clients as well as couples.

St Maarten Massage Deals For groups and Couples Full Service Treatments & Package group Deals relaxation massage For group package deals, our therapist can accommodate multiple massage sessions at the same. In fact up to four massage therapist with four tables at once which is perfect for groups and family vacations There’s nothing as good as a massage to unwind, recharge and rejuvenate. Group Vactioners can expect package deals for your groups, call for details


In-rooom Treatments | Hotel room Massage | SXM

St Maarten Massage Service deos not promise anything we cant provide, so the services you find onour website is what we offer and we provide almost anything. We are a small group / network of professional therapist that are licensed and certified.

Single Relaxation Massages on SXM/St.Maarten


st maarten couples massageOur main attraction is "On site Massages" and the favorite on site massage is our couples and second to that is our sensual massages. In all instances, our massage therapist will come to your location.

We travel everywhere on the island of st.maarten, feel safe when you book with us. Massage for Two at your hotel or Airand B First of all a in-room couple massage cost is $180.00 per hour with two therapist.

Furthermore the massage therapist will arrive with massage tables, music and four hands ready to massage to your whole body . Large variety of options to choose from. we cater to affordable massages for first timers as well as repeat customers either at your resort , villa or air and B on Sint Maarten

Above all st martin couples massage are glad you made it this far. Many visitors notice the sensual massage links and its a turn off in some events. but we do offer sensual couples masssages while in st.maarten

st.maarten body to body massages available

sxm-relaxation-inroom massage bannerSt Martin Mobile Massage will set up a comfortable room with soothing music and dim lighting. You'll be treated to a relaxation aromatherapy oil blend suited to your needs: anxiety, headache, muscle ease blends and more.

We will send a therapist to you on short notice, usually with-in 90 minutes, Call 721 526 5574 Relaxation Massage in Saint Martin - SXM Cost $85.00 per hour at your hotel. A Relaxation Massage is what we all crave while in the St Maarten.

Professional Massage Treatments- many options

Massage therapist wil use a variety of relaxing techniques to give you a restorative full body massage. All massages are tailored more towards a general feeling of relaxation and serenity. Clients can receive a deep tissue massage in the privacy of your resort with some of the best hands locally.

Our therapist are trained professionals and will make you comfortable when they arrive. In addition to Deep Tissue Massages

, The relaxation massage is the second most sought after massage at our company. The Couples massages can be tailored to any type session you desire, even though deep tissue massages are generally $20.00 more The benefits of massage therapy include greater energy level and less stress. Relaxation massage is a wonderful way to pamper yourself. To de-stress your body. Quieten your mind.

To loosen those tense muscles. To restore your body back to balance - and a blissful state of relaxation. St Maarten Recovery Efforts Maho Resort Group SXM Medical Student Blog St.Maarten Beaches Whole Body Treatments can heal the body if given the proper hands.

Massage therapy can be an important tool in the healing process.

Long hours seated at a desk or standing can cause headaches, neck pain, and lower back pain. Not all hotels are open St Martin Relaxation massages are avaialble3 to all major resorts anywhere in St Martin Including: Maho, Grand Case, Orient Beach Club, Oyster Pond, Sandy Ground, Simpson Bay Villas, Flamingo Resort, Tamirind Hotel, Alamanda Resort, Divi Little Bay, Green Cay Villas, Le Domaine Hotel, Princess Heights,Sonesta Beach Resort, Belair, Esmeralda Resort, Holland House Le Hoste Hotel, Oyster Bay, Royal Palm, and The Westin