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SXM Onsite Massage Service provides onsite massage treatments at your resort.

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Therapeutic, Relaxation And Sensual Massage Services offers upscale day spa onsite massages, facials, body services and more.

Ease stress and joint pain with one of our in-room Therapeutic And Relaxation Massage Servicess signature massages, such as hot stone, deep tissue,Swedish massage or Cannabis Induced Treament.

This onsite spa is the go-to place in SXM the area for professional alternative services like Full services massages.

For those extra tough times, SXM ONSITE Therapeutic And Relaxation Massage Services is there to help restore calm and balance to your mind and body, so feel free to stop by when you need it most.


Feel safe and no that you are in good company.

So, St Martin Couples Sensual massage is always provided by fun safe team. And your therapist wants each of you to have the thrill of watching each other receive the highest quality deluxe massage.

We does not promise anything we cant provide ,so the services you find on our website is what we offer and we provide almost anything.

Definition of our sensual massage : sensual massage uses energy as well as physical means to bring pleasure, desire, presence, and deep lasting satisfaction to your body .

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Its not so much where we touch and what we do as how we do it, the energy and intentions behind it, and how present and sensitive we are .

We are not a escort service Of course these massages are not for everyone and but for those of you willing to try, its available.

We Are A Discreet Service, our therapist travels with portable tables And You Can Feel Comfortable Inviting Us To Your Residence.