Island Progress Update

Most Hotels are still under construction

Simpson Bay Hotels

Island Progress Update | A Couple Locations On The Island Have Chosen Not To Reopen After The Storm. If you travel a little further down you will find two famous beach bars.

grand-case-beach The sunset beach Bar is actually one of the most famous beach bars on the island. Thousands of tourist visit the beach to see the huge airplanes land within almost touching distance.

Wellness Centers

The Paradise Casino is right next to the Sunset Beach Bar, which is connected to the farmer caravanserai Hotel.

Behind that area is also a couple smaller resorts and guest houses. You would imagine living next to the airport would be noisy but not so. If you choose a hotel in this area it is not a bad choice.

There is still a lot of work to be done in Maho and the cupecoy but they are busy getting ready hopefully for 2019.

Is sxm strong and with the rebuilding in full effect and Recovery moving forward we are living up to the name and slogan. We will recover see you soon.

Close to the airport is Maho hotel which is one of the more well known hotels close to the airport. The Royal Islander Casino and Hotel is located within a 15 minutes walk from The Princess Juliana Airport.

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In the area there are bars including the Platinum Club which is a nightclub with strippers and opens around 11 p.m. Cherris Cafe received damage from the hurricane and it is still in question if it will reopen.