About St.Maarten Massage Hotel In-Room Treatments

St Maarten Body to Body Massage for Men, Women and Couples.

Body to Body Massage in St.Maarten is a truly erotic experience St.Martin / SXM mobile Maasge can offer you

No Boundaries  Tantra Massage  on a "Best massage Table" or your bed Bed!


Our body to body massages in St.Maarten are "all intrusive massages", they are catered to your wishes and can incorporates a Swedish , relaxation type massage.

>But we warned, these massages are all inclusive , touch and massage everywhere by default. The therapist uses his or her hands to preform the massage as the client lies nude on the massage table.

Professional Tantra Massage | Body to Body |Happy ending Massage

We don't appreciate the word "happy ending"  but it is what it is.

Your whole body will be covered in warm non-scented or aromatic massage oil lovingly applied by your beautiful masseuse to prepare you for the delights to follow Body to Body Massage | Service Description.

Using body and expert hands, therapist will caress and stroke every inch of your body -pressing and gliding against you - teasing you to a state of utter euphoria.Difference between Sensual and Body to body

Tranied Body to body experts on demand


Our therapist are trained and never force the massage if the client is not comfortable That why we pay great importance to making the client feel comfortable with friendly therapist that know how to put you at ease Call to find out more about these sessions, better explained in words

The rates for Body to body massage while in St.Martin

The prices for a Body to body massage is $250.00 per hour The prices for a Sensual Massage in Saint Maarten is $190.00 per hour These provocative and daring body to body slides are a wonderful way in which to view the female form in all its glory. All our masseuses perform nude to give you the ultimate full body naturist massage and use all of their body to massage you.

Best intimate treat you can give your body

This creates a more intimate massage and a state of euphoric pleasure that is often found in Tantric, and sensual massages