St Maarten Couples Sensual Massage | Tantra Treatments

St Maarten Couples Massage | Sensual Touch Treatment

We are currently updating this page but the info is about right - dont hesitate to call the reception St Maarten Couples Massage is a great way to try something new on vacation Ever wondered if it’s just a regular massage or if you get any sexual satisfaction.

That is just some of the speculation there is concerning our Sensual Massage for couples.

Best Couples sensual / tantra massages in St.Maarten

clients can find out everything you need when you call our receptionist

treat yourself to the pampering . and pleasure of a sensual couples massage without having to leave the convenience and comfort of your home or hotel suite, our therapist comes prepared to make this once in a lifetime treat.

What is a sensual Massage For Couples?

If you have never done our sensual massage and you have been content with going for a regular couples massage, you really cant imagine what you are missing.

Couples Sensual massages are for the open minded couples that have a open relishanship and that is why we emphasize that these sessions are not for everyone.

St Maarten sensual couples massage you and your partner will be massaged in the same room at the same time with the same aim in mind of recieving a happy ending at the end of your treatment

Sensual Massages for couples in are full service body massages, they can be customized , to tone things down but they are listed as full service tretatments.

if you and your partner are comfortable withour therapist, you will be amazed on how far thiey will go to make you happy

We will schedule you two of our licensed, certified therapist.

A couples massage with Massage SXM trained and experienced therapists for a sensual, intimate treat for you and your loved one alike and at the same time. You can you choose  male or female masseuse for your wife or the other way around. But what it does to you is even better, besides the physical part, you may discover a whole new mental state you didn’t know you had in you.

And not knowing much other about it shouldn’t stop you from having, you just have to remember it is extremely sensual. Our sugesstion is let it happen. We guaranties, you are safe, it will be fun and you will both learn what true ecstasy is.