Hotel Room Relaxation Massage- St.Martin.


Relaxation Massage Onsite in your St.Martin Hotel Room

St Martin Mobile Massage will set up a comfortable room with soothing music and dim lighting. You’ll be treated to a relaxation aromatherapy oil blend suited to your needs: anxiety, headache, muscle ease blends and more.

Looking for a relaxation Massage in St Martin?


St.Maarten Mobile Masssage Service will send a therapist to you on short notice, usually with-in 90 minutes, Call 721 526 5574

Relaxation Massage in Saint Martin - SXM Cost $85.00 per hour at your hotel. A Relaxation Massage is what we all crave while in the St Maarten.

We’ll use a variety of relaxing techniques to give you a restorative full body massage. All massages are tailored more towards a general feeling of relaxation and serenity.

Clients can receive a relaxation massage in the privacy of your resort with some of the best hands locally. Our therapist are trained professionals and will make you comfortable when they arrive. In addition to Deep Tissue Massages .


Customer Favorite Choice

The relaxation massage is the second most sought after massage at our company.

The Couples massages can be tailored to any type session you desire, even though deep tissue massages are generally $20.00 more The benefits of massage therapy include greater energy level and less stress. Relaxation massage is a wonderful way to pamper yourself. To de-stress your body. Quieten your mind.


To restore your body back to balance - and a blissful state of relaxation. Whole Body Treatments while in SXM can heal the body if given the proper hands.

Massage therapy can be an important tool in the healing process.


Long hours seated at a desk or standing can cause headaches, neck pain, and lower back pain. Not all hotels are open St Martin Relaxation massages are avaialble3 to all major resorts anywhere in St Martin Including:

  • Grand Case
  • Orient area villas
  • Oyster Pond
  • Simpson Bay Villas
  • Flamingo Resort