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Saint Martin Couples Massage Deal | Daily Morning Special $150.00

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Morning Couples Massage @ your resort

9 AM Couples In-room Morning Massage at your hotel.

Every Morning we offer a couples massage with two therapist for two clients at their hotel . the treatment starts at 9.Am but the therapist show up 10 minutes early o set up and prepare your space

Well being and whole body care morning massages for couples in the privacy of your hotel room , vacation home is truly our favored service by clients year round

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St Martin couples massage morning special Package deal is the best deal you can receive in St.Maarten.

Book a massage at your hotel for you and your significant other . These sessions are held at 9.AM every morning.

A lot of St Maarten spas offer champagne with couples massages, but watch your intake before and after the treatment. "If you do drink afterward, it can hit you a lot faster because your circulatory system is going a lot quicker.

Package Deal Treatment Includes 2 Therapist: $150.00 per Hour

Spoil yourself and that special person with this unique experience.

Our service include two therapist at your hotel or condo for a morning relaxation massage.

How much does a couples massage morning Special cost?

For a 60-minute morning couples massage, you can expect to pay $150.00 as a package deal .

For a longer session, you'll end up paying a little more, but you might be happy you did once you're experiencing it.

Do we each have to get the same treatment?

Nope! As with a solo session, couples massages should still include personalized consultations with the massage therapists.

"Usually people have individual wants and needs for their own bodies. Someone might have shoulder tension, someone else might have just had ankle surgery and want attention on their legs.

And it's not just about focus areas, either.

Couples should feel free to ask for different modalities. If one person just wants to relax, Swedish is probably enough for them.

If the other person wants a more therapeutic treatment, "then by all means, get the deep tissue, get the sports massage. Don't limit yourself."

Our therapist are professional and will create a calming environment, set up two tables and start your treatment with music and candles .

These sessions include draping , stretching and full body massage.

You can make reservations for this couples massage in St.Maarten by calling +1 721 526 5574 or sending us a message below

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