St Martin Massage Deep Tissue Treatments| Male Massuer

Searching for a Deep Tissue Massagein St.Martin?

The price is $100.00 per hour form a male therapist.

If you received 60 minutes of deep tissue therapy,you can feel like new.

We incorporate a bit deep tissue into every single massage session.

But if you ask for one hour deep tissue massage ,we know you mean business and you want a full hour of deep under the skin massage .

We have male therapist for more pressure and you can get a real body care for the hour,leaving you feeling like new.


Some sessions will have harder pressure than others and if you prefer hard pressure, then we are happy to accommodate that, health permitting.

Stong hands for your deep tissue treatment

Strong hands and well trained therapist ready to provide one of the best swedish/deep tissue massage at your resort, experience the relief when you take the time to heal your body, refresh your mind and restore your spirit.


Deep tissue massage therapy is popular with people who deal with back pain, neck pain, and hip pain. Back pain has unfortunately become a common ailment in today’s lifestyle;

however, people will get better through deep tissue massage therapy and yoga stretching techniques if applied consistently.

Deep Tissue for your Health and well Being

Deep tissue massage therapy is known to improve blood flow and eases tension and eliminates back pain, thus providing relaxation to sore and over worked muscles

In Adittion These body care treatmets are often effective at changing established postural dysfunctions or at times when stabilizer muscles need treatment.

But not all changes from a massage come from deep tissue therapy. Sometimes, simply using swedish or other superficial massage techniques can elicit as much or more change than deep tissue.

The reasons for this vary. Mostly, deep tissue requires the client to be in a significant level of relaxation and a certain level of trust must already be established between the client and massage therapist.

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