So you want to come to us for a massage?

By default we prefer to come to you with our onsite treatment 24 hours a day.

but starting in November 2018, We will be offering inhouse treatments.

To make reservations to come to the studio click here or call our reception @ +1.721.526.55.74

St Maarten Massage Service invites you to come to us @ our studio in Cole Bay Union rd.
Our main office only does massages by reservations. We offer Relaxation, Swedish Massage and Many more treatments offered in-house on request.

Also available @ Philipsburg on selected days of the week.

Call to make reservations & visit us for a in-house massage on selected days of the week by appointment but we prefer to come to you anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day.

Massage’s gentle pressure helps free up congestion to ensure that your whole body benefits from the oxygenated blood being pumped by your heart.