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If you are thinking of getting a professional sensual massage in St.Maarten for you and your wife or the other way around, you have chosen the right company.

Sensual Massage as a Bucket List Activity

More and more retired vacationers are fulfilling their bucket list dreams together and we preform these sessions every day, more and more.

Over the years we have worked with hundred of Single & Couples Sensual Massage cliets and we are positive if you are interested in this service, you wont be disappointed.

We must admit, most clients will never dream of this service and this is a great place to exit.

With a wide assortment of massage options to choose from, we have something for you including the best couple massage in StMaarten.

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What is a sensual Massage


Most people first want to know what we mean when we say sensual massage and does it involve sex or sexual propositions and the answer is NO, well, sometimes but in general no and we definitely are not escorts but we will admit that a sensual massage might not be for everyone.

Talk Openly to Gabriel(reception) when you call, let him know about any boundaries or any special request or questions, so we can send the right therapist

First of all, Your Sensual Massage in St Maarten with a sensual ending is In addition with a professional touch therapeutic treatments. 100% Full Body massage, Means 100%.

Your therapist comes with everything needed to preform the treatment in a professional manner in the privacy of your comfort zone

Sensual Massage for Women

If you are a lady and would like to try this service, don't hesitate, we can make this a unforgettable event.

Safe, fun and 100% Professional


The Sensual massage is done in the nude and we really give you your money's worth for a full body massage, we massage everywhere from head to toe and in-between. The aim in addition to getting the client to relax is to also aim for a sensual ending.

We emphasize as much as we can, because, Single & Couples Sensual Massages are not escort type treatment, these are professional personal care service for ladies that dare .

St.Maarten Massage service do aim to make it a unforgettable experience but Its important you feel safe, comfortable and able to let your hair down next to your guard and put them both next to your cloths and underwear as you lie you naked body on the comfortable massage table.

As the most important person in the room, the client will be blindfolded and massaged from head to toe. Breast, inner thighs but-tuck above your waist where the stress sits.

The first part of the treatment is getting the female client to and feel the effects of the aromatherapy oil and full body strokes..

"As easy as it for most males to receive the massage from anything that moves , we find ladies are more sensitive towards looks, presentation and feeling comfortable enough to try the service" says: owner Gabe Bytes .

We make sure our male therapist get the idea. We have only a few trusted male masseurs that work with us allowing us to maintain a discreet private service right here on St.Maarten and ensure you get a safe , professional therapist in our most personal comfort zone.

backtotopWe service clients and couples of all ages groups but clients over 50 mainly choose us because we have been in the business for so long, good reputation and our repeat customers know we are flexible when looking for option of male female of two female therapist.

SXM singles or couples tantra massage


We believe that to enjoy your singles or couples Tantra massage you must first feel comfortable and secure and be up to or want a therapist touching you & even if you choose a male masseur or female therapist .

Most of our therapist are in their late 30's and early 40's, comfortable working with males and females for a full service treatments.

You get professional care from start to finish, when you speak to our reception, be open on what type of massage you would like and whats on your mind, so we can send the right therapist for the right session..

More experienced spa-goers often don't care whether massage therapists are male or female.

They're comfortable with the routine, and know the most important factor is skill, not gender.

One of the most important things is that you want to make sure is that the body therapist you invited to your residence for your in house massage are all that they advertised , professional and safe.

What is a Single & Couples Sensual Massage and what's Included?

We try and add as much information about our services before hand so you know exactly who we are, what we offer , how how we operate & what to-expect.

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