You are active, a nature lover and thrilled by the fact that St Maarten is situated in one of the most extraordinary geographical settings in the world! Are you ready for outdoor activities? Before you go wild and challenge yourself, prevent injuries by fine-tuning your posture, strength and flexibility.


Deep Tisue Massage SX- St Martin

St Maarten Massage Services offers mobile massage and bodywork, innovative deep tissue Therapy, Strength Conditioning and more - all this from the heart of SXM in the pricay of yor home or hotel

The cleansing and corrective action of deep tissue massage allows the body to flush toxins efficiently. Please remember to drink plenty of water after each session.

Deep Tissue SX: What to expect

Be prepared for some discomfort during a deep tissue massage as the pressuring and stretching techniques used may be a bit more demanding than our usual idea of a massage therapy treatment.

In most cases, you will experience some muscle soreness after the treatment. The soreness goes away in a couple of days, and the body is revitalized.

Deep Tissue Massage reaches deeper layers of muscles. It is used to break down knots and relieve pressure points throughout the body.

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Deep tissue massage service in st maarten / SX is an important technique used in a therapeutic massage. It is administered to alleviate muscle strain and emotional stress, and it helps to develop and maintain a healthy posture as it heals overused or overloaded muscles.


Massage after: Snorkeling, golf or hiking pic paradise

A St Martin Deep tissue massage is particularly helpful to vactioners after hard physical training, excessive golfing and prolonged sitting activities

It treats stiff, tight, pulled and contracted muscles in any part of the body as well as relieving pain in the back, neck and head.

When to get a deep tissue massage:

Strength Conditioning

Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

The massage therapist works deep to stimulate the internal layers of muscles. By using strong squeezing, pressuring and kneading movements the massage therapist encourages the muscles, tendons and connective tissue to release acids, toxins and other body wastes. The cleansing achieved during the deep tissue massage not only becomes the basis for the reinvigoration and healing of the body but also relieves stress from nerve tissues helping with stress management.