Four Hands Massage is a type of massage therapy which involves two therapists working simultaneously, creating a choreographed massage. promotes healing,

just as other forms of massage, by increasing blood flow and circulation throughout the body.

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The four hand massage may be the best choice because the benefits are very similar as other massage styles, but the relaxation and pain relief may arrive more quickly because twice the work is being done to the body.

Many vacationers enjoy four hand massage in St Maarten because they find it extremely effective and relaxing, and they enjoy the sensation of being pampered by two massage therapists.

Two people working as one create a unified wave of energy which permeates your entire being. You will lose yourself in one of the most uplifting physical experiences you’ve ever had.

Four Hands & Swedish Massage on St.Maarten Try a four hands massage -During a Swedish massage, your masseuse or masseur will use long, smooth strokes, along with kneading, friction and tapping to loosen up weary and aching muscles. Suspend your worries and refresh tired muscles by treating yourself to a soothing Swedish massage.