Apprehesive about a  Naturalist  / Nude Massage in St.Maarten

Remember a massage therapist is someone professional and trained that is there for you to make you feel comfortable and relax you. You should not see the masseur as an estranger who is going to judge you.

On the contrary, you should see the massage practitioner as you friend. Massage therapists see every possible type of body everyday, overweight or slim, young and old, white or black.

St Maarten Massage service , Most massages done by by default or actually done with minimum draping which is by default a thing of the past. On some of our advertisements we mention that we offer 100% full body massages, and that is exactly what we mean.

With a Onsite treatment from St Maarten Massage In-Room Service , you can recive the real deal when you call.

What is a Naturalist Massage Some people do ask

"Will the female and massage massage therapist be naked as well?" sometimes, but these treatment are all about you. In most cases these massages are non sensual massages and are simply done without any draping for the client.

So the answer is Massage therapist reamins dressed.

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What exactly is a naturist massage?

A naturist massage is a massage practiced nude, all involved in the massage session could be nude. Orient area is the naturalist part of the island but we bring this luxury island wide. A naturist massage is simply being naked for the receiver.

benefits of a nude massage


One of the benefits of a nude massage is that the flow of the masseur or masseuse is not broken by underwear, this lets the receiver. Enjoy the long flowing strokes and the therapistdoes not have to stop to tuck toweling into underwear (so as not to get underwear oily). Orient Naturlaist Massage Packages If you are a naturist then you will also understand the freedom and liberation of being nude. We can organize a 2, 4 hand massage, deep tissue or you may observe The massage from a comfortable seating in at the residence and partners may also participate in each other massage.

Treat yourself to a full-body naturalist massage while in Sint Maarten this year round.
Massage sxm comes to you allowing you to feel comfortable in your own surroundings. Many companies are springing up as shadow companies of St Maarten Massage service we have a no rush policy, so there are limited bookings available. Please book early to avoid disappointment. We believe in peace and calm when you come over for your naked massage treatment and there is nothing worse than going somewhere that is too busy.