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In addition with a professional touch. Oils, music, lightly lit room as you lay blindfolded on a massage table.

A certified therapist will arrive in your room, set up by lighting some candles and playing some music.


Clients are guaranteed beautiful therapist in great shape ready to serve you.

Your whole body will be massaged from head to toe and in between.

We like candles and you lay naked on your massage table. You are going to get a real full body massage.

Massage your shoulders your waist and inner ties chest / breast and your therapist is aiming for a happy ending to your treatment

Professional massage experience will result in relaxing your entire body which, in turn, relaxes the mind.

Sensual massages stimulates the release of the feel-good hormones which boost the emotions of intimacy and affection.

Treatments start with a relaxation or Swedish Massage and integrate your special treat seamlessly to ensure your pleasurable ending .

Tantric Massage for every body in St Maarten provides the opportunity to share an erotic massage experience at least once in your life.

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Clients can also learn how to give this highly fulfilling, relaxing and sensual experience to your partner in the comfort of your home.

Do Not Hesitate To Call 1 721 526 5574. for a Couples Sensual Sensual Massage in Sant Martin. You will be in good hands when you reserve or book a treatment with us.

Its Always Best To Call To Speak To Our Receptionist.

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This is in addition to our relaxation, Swedish and Deep tissue treatments on St Maarten.

Our therapist offer non intrusive sessions that that includes a real whole body care. read more on what a sensual massage includes. Send us a text on whats-pap if you have questions or would like to come to us for a in-house treatment.

St Maarten Sensual massage therapist are experienced, skilled, safe and willing to work serve clients complete satisfaction. Clients interested in getting that sensual massage from a professional female or male therapist - contact us 24 hours daily. Integrate body, mind and spirit within the halo of relaxation and pleasure.

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Male or female therapist will inspire you to be in the moment of pure self indulgent sensuous touch. Prostate Massage Therapy for Sexual Health is also available.

Especially relevant is st martin on-site massage is not Limited sensual massages alone. The receptionist is Very Capable Of Sending The Right Person.

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Visit the Main Menu to see other options if this not for you. Thinking of inviting your partner . Therefore , Try it as a couples session or just watch.